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Welcome to DC Electronics
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Specialists to the Motorsport Industry

DC Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers of custom-built electrical systems.

With over 15 years of experience and relationships with distributors across the globe, our products are used by championships worldwide including, NASCAR, Formula 1, Le Mans Endurance Series, World Rally, Superbike and F1 Powerboats.

To enable us to remain at the forefront of innovative and technological advances, we have production facilities in both the UK and North America and we are proud to be the manufacturer of choice for many of the world’s top motorsport teams. Additionally, we are also an official sponsor of the inspirational Bloodhound Project which aims to set a land speed record of 1000 mph in 2015.

DC Electronics manufactures every type of wiring loom for all Motorsport vehicles and can provide every aspect of your electrical system including, control panels, EPAS systems and sensors to ECUs and data acquisition hardware.
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3 July 2017
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