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Bloodhound Project

DC Electronics is proud to be an official product sponsor of The Bloodhound Project.

As one of the leading specialist manufacturers in the Motorsport industry and a champion of innovation and forward thinking technology, DC Electronics is a perfect associate for the Bloodhound project.

This iconic challenge, lead by Richard Noble OBE, aims to create a land speed record car capable of 1,000mph. Contrary to immediate thoughts, this project is not just about speed. One of the main objectives is to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians in the most unique way possible; something which we support 100%.

This ground breaking assignment will take place at the perfect destination of Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape region of South Africa.

What is the Bloodhound vehicle?

Along with the Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, DC Electronics is supplying some of the wiring used for the data and control systems on this record challenger, as well as some of the associated support vehicles. A combination of materials and techniques used in both the motorsport and aviation industries will be employed on this unique vehicle.

DC Electronics Update

The power and data harnesses for the lower chassis assembly are built and delivered!!!

Most of the Data systems are Ethernet and the main challenge here was to find a suitable cable that could withstand the production procedure as these cables were installed prior to the final skin being applied and the whole lower chassis then being placed in an oven to be cured!

Many hours of cooking test pieces were carried out until a suitable cable was selected. All wiring harnesses have been colour coded so that systems can be very quickly identified when the vehicle is out in the field should the need for maintenance or rectification be needed.

Also delivered for the build is our lightweight electric power steering motor. This component will be installed inline between the steering wheel and steering rack at the front of the Bloodhound.

For the latest on Bloodhound please go to: