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In order to offer you the best service, DC Electronics works in partnership
with a number of hardware manufacturers including:

Cartek Motorsport
Battery Isolators, Power Distribution
Modules and LED Rainlights.

Cosworth Electronics
Pectel Engine Management and
Pi Data Acquisition and Displays.

Crawford Composites
Pneumatic Paddleshift Systems.

Engine Management Systems and Associated Components (available through DCE Inc Only).

Engine Management, Data Acquisition, Power Management and Displays.

Ole Buhl Racing
EFi Engine Management and Power Management.

Data Acquisition Systems (available through DCE Inc Only).

By working closely with these suppliers, we can design a system which may have a MoTeC ECU, Cosworth Data System and an OBR Power Management module. Our engineers will ensure all products seamlessly work together, giving you the best package available.

We can supply the complete package including the hardware, loom and any sensors you may require.

For further information Contact Us.